The BCcampus Online Book Club is a community-driven project by a group of volunteer post-secondary educators interested in opportunities to connect with colleagues on topics of professional interest in teaching and learning.  The guidelines for this book club will be that it be open, informal, and fun—an easy way for participants to share ideas and strategies and take what we learn to practice.

Last Fall was our first offering of the BCcampus Online Book Club. We read How Learning Works. We have shared our book club model at presentations for the Ed Developers Caucus Online Showcase, the Educational Technology Users Group (ETUG) and in this post the Eight Essential Principles of an Online Book Club.

This Fall 2019 we will read Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning by James M. Lang.

The following is the basic framework for the book club; however, activities are at the discretion of each Chapter facilitator.

  • A series of blog posts, one per Chapter/topic: Posts will feature reading highlights, learning “prompts”, things to think about and discuss. Subscribe to this site hosted by the OpenETC and receive notification of new posts.
  • A weekly web conference Meetup and Chapter chats:  One synchronous book club meet up of up to 1 hour will be held in a dedicated Big Blue Button web conference room (or Collaborate Room where noted.)  As well, there will be a facilitated Chapter chat hosted in Mattermost.
  • A  participant challenge:  Participants are encouraged to share strategies on how they may have used what they learned from the book in their current teaching or what they may be planning to use in future with their students. Ideas may be shared on social media and tagged #BookClubBC. Our twitter account is @BCcBookclub