Small Teaching and cup

Hello Everyone,

The 2nd offering of the BCcampus Online Book Club has now finished with great flourish on Friday November 15th.

Many thanks to the eight wonderful facilitators who shared their thoughts on chapters of “Small Teaching” by James M. Lang on our blog and facilitated lively discussions in our weekly online chapter chats and Friday webinars: Laura Mackay, Gina Bennett, Keith Webster, Asif Devji, Sylvia Riessner, Isabeau Iqbal, Lucas Wright and Peter Arthur.

We invite everyone who has been following along the posts and/or discussions to complete the Book Club survey and provide us with feedback.

Of particular interest is how we might make the Book Club more inclusive, accessible, as well as, improve participation. If you have ideas, please share them with us. If you have a book you’d like to suggest for future, let us know.

Thank you.

The BCcampus Book Club – Fall 2019