1. Borrow or purchase a copy of Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning by James M. Lang.
  2. Subscribe to this blog site for  weekly Chapter updates  by facilitators.  See the top right of the home page.
  3. Sign up for an account on the OpenETC site to use the Mattermost chat tool to read and post comments in facilitated online Chapter “chats” and participate in the  Friday webinars. If you already have a Mattermost account, follow the invite link and choose “Already have an account? Click here to sign in,” then log in to join the Book Club team.
  4. Share your questions, your “small teachings” within the Online Book Club’s chat tool, Mattermost and/or through your favorite social media channels using the tag #BookClubBC .  Follow us on Twitter @BCcBookclub.
More about weekly participation:

How to Join the Chapter Channels

Once you’ve created your OpenETC Mattermost account and joined the Book Club team, you’ll notice that you’ve been automatically added to two channels: Community Café (for general discussion) and Town Square (for announcements).

There are nine more channels, one for each chapter of Small Teaching, where the weekly discussions will take place. To find these channels, click on “More…” under “Public Channels” in the blue, left-side menu.

Then click “Join” beside each channel.

Now, the chapter channels will appear under Public Channels along with Community Café and Town Square.

How to Join the Friday webinars

A “Join Meeting” link to the  Friday webinars will be posted in the Chapter channel the morning of the meeting. e.g. the Channel call Chap1chat will be where you will see a link “Join Meeting” for the Friday morning webinar for Chapter 1.  All you need to do is click on the “Join Meeting” link and follow the screen prompts.

View a schedule for the Book Club or download a copy of the Schedule for reference.

Tech Tips:
    • Use a reasonably current browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and check that your settings allow pop-ups from the OpenETC site
    • During the Friday webinar sessions, which are hosted in Big Blue Button web conferencing system, you have to grant permission to access your microphone or webcam.
    • New to Mattermost? Prepare for the Book Club by checking out Mattermost: The Basics.
    • New to Big Blue Button? Learn more by viewing some tutorials  . Take a few moments ahead of the scheduled Friday sessions to ensure you can connect to the session.

For assistance with sign up or any further questions, please contact ltet@bccampus.ca