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Third meeting of the BCcampus Bookclub

Hello Everyone,

The third meeting of the BCcampus Book Club will be tomorrow, Friday October 5 at 10 AM PST.

Please connect a few minutes earlier to check your technical setup (especially your audio connection) by checking out this page with information about Blue Jeans web conferencing and the link to our dedicated room.

Here are a few questions to help us get started in our Chapter Three discussion.

  • Is motivation an issue for you? (yourself and/or your learners)
  • Do you find the biggest challenges are value, expectancies, or learning environment?
  • Goal directed behaviour and feedback are essential in addition to motivation; do you make this explicit in any way?
  • Have you tried any of the recommended strategies (or others)? How did it go?

Looking forward to discussing the chapter with all of you!

Giulia Forsythe, Chapter Three Facilitator

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  1. bccleva

    What a superb session! Thanks Giulia for facilitating. So impressed by people joining in from cars and on their days off! Now that’s what we call *motivated*!

    Have great long weekend evertibe. See you next week when Keith will lead us in a discussion on Chapter Four on Mastery. Looking forward to it!

    P.S. I’m looking into the issue of why there seems to be an upper limit of 9 talking…our sources say should be more so we are checking settings. Thanks!

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