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Hello Everyone,

I hope you’ve been enjoying the readings as much as I have. Even for those who are reading HLW for a second time there are always new take-aways.  Our sixth meeting of the BCcampus Book Club will take place Friday November 2nd at 10am PST.

Please connect a few minutes earlier to check your technical setup (especially your audio connection) by checking out this page with information about Blue Jeans web conferencing and the link to our dedicated room.

Here are a few questions to help us get started in our Chapter Six discussion.

  • The focus in this chapter is on young adults (17-24). How might this principle apply to older learners? What might be different?
  • What explicitly inclusive approaches do you use to foster a more positive classroom climate?
  • In what ways do you take student development into account in your teaching? 

Hope to chat with you on Friday!

Laura MacKay, Chapter Six Facilitator

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  1. bccleva

    Just wanted to let everyone know the winner of Chapter Six e-gift card is Alison Bledsoe. Congrats!

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