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Welcome Back! Join our 2019 Fall Book Club!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the beginning of a new year. We are pleased to be able to offer the The BCcampus Online Book Club again and to work with our BC post-secondary community volunteers to support this teaching and learning professional development opportunity.

The book we’ve selected is Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning by James M. Lang. A copy of Small Teaching should be easily available from most post-secondary teaching and learning centres or libraries, or you may purchase a copy. Whether you’ve read the book already, or are reading along for the first time…everyone is welcome! Join us and learn together over the next 10 weeks (September 9 – November 15).  Share strategies on what “small teaching” you have tried in your current work, or plan to use in future with students. Ideas may be shared on social media and tagged #BookClubBC. Our twitter account is @BCcBookclub

Using the same organizing format for the Book Club as last year, our activities will centre around this blog site with the introduction of two new tools to support more community interaction in the form of facilitated online Chapter chats (Mattermost) and weekly webinar (Big Blue Button).

As noted in the posted schedule, each week will have the following activities:

  • Featured blog posts published on If you wish to participate by reading the weekly posts, we recommend you subscribe to the site so you don’t miss a post. This year we are lucky to have 9 amazing facilitators—one per Chapter of Small Teaching and  the addition of one very special guest at one of our meetups!
  • Facilitated online Chapter “chats” or online discussions will be another way for you to participate. See How to Participate.
  • Facilitated live web conference meetups hosted by a facilitator. See How to Participate.

We have shared some technology tips for you on what to do to prep for participation.

Designed for maximum flexibility, the Book Club will allow you to participate as much, as little as you wish. It will be up to you. Registration is not required and the Book Club is free of charge. Our guiding principles for this learning opportunity remains the same as last year, and that is that it be openeasy to participate in, informal and fun!

Looking forward to another great year.   Hope you will join us in our fall Book Club!

All the Best,

2019 BCcampus Book Club Facilitators




Our Online Book Club is back this Fall with “Small Teaching”

We are pleased to announce the next offering of the BCcampus Online Book Club. This free, open, and online professional learning event starts this Fall on September 9th and finishes on November 15th, 2019.  The book selected is “Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning” by James M. Lang.

Following up on lessons learned from the initial offering of the Book Club last year, there will additional support for interaction between participants through two open source tools (Mattermost chat and Big Blue Button web conferencing) offered by the OpenETC.

If you are a new participant, take a look at what we did last year in the Book Club in our reading of “How Learning Works”. If your interest is piqued, we encourage you get ahead with a summer reading of  “Small Teaching”  which should be readily available from your local campus library.  There are nine wonderful and highly knowledgeable facilitators from our post-secondary community that will lead our discussion on each Chapter topic: Peter Arthur, Gina Bennett, Asif Devji, Isabeau Iqbal, Laura MacKay, Sylvia Riessner, Keith Webster and Lucas Wright.

All are welcome who are interested in teaching and learning, sharing ideas and exploring our Book Club as an informal and fun way for us to learn together and meet new people in our community.

If you have any questions, send a note to or

Subscribe to our blog site and follow us @BCcBookClub  #BookclubBC


Welcome to the BCcampus Online Book Club!


Welcome all to this fall. There’s excitement in the air for it’s the beginning of a new season of learning for our post-secondary colleagues and students. This excitement for some of us is also due to anticipation of the launch of The BCcampus Online Book Club on September 10th.

Why a book club you might ask?  Our community of post-secondary educators wanted a vehicle to create collegial connections; something to support opportunities to learn with each other and share what we are doing in teaching and learning. The idea of a book club focused on teaching and learning professional development was sparked and began to take shape at a meeting at the Festival of Learning in Vancouver in May 2018. Wonderful volunteer facilitators came forward to help. Yes, people are keen to do this kind of activity, but there would be some key stipulations: it should be open; easy to participate in; and it must be fun!

For our first book, we’ve selected How Learning Works: 7 Research-based Principles for Smart Teaching written by educators from Carnegie-Mellon University. First published in 2010, this book is “go-to” reading for those wanting to learn about what research says about how we learn and how it can inform our teaching practice.  A copy of this book should be easily available: you can borrow the book from most post-secondary teaching and learning centres or  libraries or purchase your own copy online.

Over the next several weeks, we invite you to read, reflect and share your thoughts and experiences in teaching  and learning through suggested book club activities: commenting on the blog, posting your stories on social media (#BookClubBC), and participating in the weekly web conference chats. We challenge you to apply some of the principles featured in each of the chapters if you’ve not already done so. We support you to participate in what interests you and you are able to do and to reach out for collegial wisdom should you need suggestions or have advice to contribute. We’ve built-in a few reading breaks for catching up as needed. (Check the schedule here.) Our hope is these learning moments will be starting points for deeper conversations on teaching and learning and the ideas we as educators care about.  In future, book selections will be driven by participants, so we invite you to hop onboard, get reading, and join us on this journey!

All the Best,

The BCcampus Online Book Club Facilitators

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